Chrono Trigger: thoughts on a certain yes/no choice …

Remember when I wrote something about ethical choices in videogames? Uh, I won’t blame you if you don’t, it was a long time ago. Back then I said that there was a specific choice in Chrono Trigger that I wanted to write about in more detail. And then … erh, I didn’t do it. Months passed! But it’s been nagging at me all this time!!!

So I’ll write about it on this fine, sunny day! Spoilers for Chrono Trigger will follow, and I recommend you play this game, because it’s vey good.

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Defending the sanctitiy of the Honey Bee Inn

Final Fantasy VII fans will always find something to be upset about, and today it’s the fact that Square Enix wants to take social changes into account when recreating certain scenes in the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Specifically, optional scenes set at the Honey Bee Inn, a kind of high-class brothel in Midgar. People think that the issue is an infamous scene where Cloud has to share a bathtub with a bunch of gay bodybuilders. Though, surely the entire Honey Bee Inn has to be handled carefully in order for the end result to be tasteful (and funny)?

The comments over at Siliconera are full of upset gamers whining about “censorship” and “political correctness”. They are asking why people today ar so thin-skinned that they are “triggered” by every little thing? (I am glad that there are also some commenters pointing out that the only people currently flipping out over small details … are the anti-PC brigade.

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Moms and dads and families in Chrono Trigger

Pinballing around the internet, a blog post caught my eyes, because the headline was “Motherhood in Geekery” and the image underneath was a Chrono Trigger screenshot. Motherhood! In Chrono Trigger! This is exactly a topic I’d been thinking about lately. Chrono Trigger and parenthood in general, actually. There are several moms and dads in the game. Anyway, the article itself covered a lot of different canons, but only discussed Chrono Trigger briefly, with one sentence about Crono’s mother, so it left me bubbling with “But what about — you’re forgetting about — and couldn’t we also say that —“, and I’ll release these thoughts into the wild in a blog post of my own:

Parent-child relationships in Chrono Trigger!

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