The fun I had last week – Sunday wrap-up

I am in a race against time: Later this month, Ever Oasis and RPG Maker Fes will be coming out – on the same day, even! Since one of them is technically not a game, but a game creation engine (for noobs), I can easily play them at the same time without getting annoyed. But I still haven’t finished Dragon Quest VII. I haven’t been playing a lot of videogames lately. Some adults would consider this proof of their maturity, but I just feel like a failure.=P  I hate having unfinished games, and when it comes to Dragon Quest, it’s like I’m cursed. But I will finish this one.

So much manga, though. So little time. I am proud of my collection. It’s not especially large, but that’s the point: it’s only titles I actually consider worthwhile or interesting! There are so many Youtube videos where people show off their manga collections, and it’s all about how many books they have, like, the sheer numbers! Many people even say that they keep buying a series just to have it complete, even though they don’t enjoy it. I don’t get that. I wouldn’t have the space for this to begin with, but I don’t see the point of spending money on something you don’t care for.

I feel very disconnected to English-language manga fandom. That’s probably to be expected, because I’m not American and I rarely read manga in English. I speak French, so I buy French manga. The quality is better, the price is lower and there’s a greater choice of titles. But English is the language I’ve always used for my fandom activities, so I’m kind of stuck in my own personal corner!

While tidying up my manga shelf corner, I found a potted plant that I had put in that corner at one point, and then … forgotten. It’s a vriesea … in red, but I cut off (ripped off) the red leaf padle because it had completely dried up. Considering that this plant hadn’t been watered for a couple of weeks, or even months, it must be completely dried out anyway. But I can’t tell, the leaves are still completely green. Apparently this particular plant dries out without turning brown? Or it’s super-resilient. It’s also growing two or three sideways offshoots, which makes me excited about this plant again. The reason I forgot about it to begin with was that it always looked the same … Is there a manga about house plants? There must be.

I bought Dungeon Meshi vol. 1. In the USA it’s being released under its Engrish subtitle, Delicious in Dungeon, but I got the French version, which has the superior title: Gloutons et dragons. Admit it, that’s brilliant! One thing I’ve found surprising about the reception of this manga is that no one is mentioning how very many JRPGs contain a cooking feature. It’s been in some older titles, like Tales of the Abyss, but more recently it’s been in I Am Setsuna and in Breath of the Wild! Just to name some. The feature felt a bit out of place in I Am Setsuna, which really made me wonder when and why “cooking in jRPGs” even became a thing. This is an excellent opportunity to promote the blog Pixelated Provisions, which is dedicated to the worthy cause of recreating meals and food from videogames.

The weather is nice and I am feeling much more energetic than I’ve felt in a while! I’m a loser who’ll spend that energy on videogames, manga and hopefully on blogging.


Dracaena Drama!

… Yeah, I don’t want this to be a plant blog, but just minutes after submitting the previous post about the philodendron, I went to have a look at my dracaena marginata. To my surprise, it had two yellow leaves! What was going on?! The soil was wettish. Did I overwater it? Eh, probably, since that’s the easiest way to murder houseplants. The trunk looked perfectly fine, but when I touched it and pressed down slightly … it was soft. It felt hollow under the perfect outer layer. Fuck! Trunk rot.

After a brief Google emergency search, I ended up on Plants Are The Strangest People (which is my favourite plant-related blog, both entertaining and informative!) and decidede to take the advice of cutting off the dracaena heads, put them in water and attempt rooting. :/

Nasty: When I examined the trunk further to see how far up the damage went, I made a sort of rubbing movement and rubbed off the bark by accident. Aaaaaaahhhh!! Underneath, the trunk felt and looked exactly like an avocado. Mushy and green with soft yellow. I cannot say it stunk, but it also did not smell nice. To be honest, the whole affair mildly disgusted me. After snipping off the plant’s four heads, I dumped the pitiful rest in the trash.

Ugh. I am not sure if this is going to work. I only tried rooting a dracaena marginata head once. Back then, it took literally months and resulted in a single, long root. The plant did not survive planting for very long, although I cannot remember why. Granted, this had ben during winter months, but it felt like a gigantic failure – considering everyone always talks about how easy it is to propegate dracaena marginata, how quick they are to grow new heads and so forth. My dracaena marginatas have known nothing but horror and pain. Let’s hope the four heads will break that curse.

Plants, plants, plants!

Is it the sunniness? The working hours? The way my laptop heats up more than I am comfortable with? Anyway, I have not been feeling inclined to squeeze a DVD into my laptop, or even to settle down and watch vloggers on Youtube. Or play a video game. I will get around to it when I trust my lappy a bit more, but until then, I will be doing more offline things.

I am a little bit towards the end of not!JKR’s crime debut. I am also a bit towards the end of Final Fantasy V Advance.

But none of that now! Houseplants! A few months ago, I bought a plant and I did it for all the wrong reasons. I did not find it nice-looking and still don’t. It looks like a vegetable, like you could pull it out of the ground and find an edible root. I bought it because its name was “philodendron super atom” and I was wondering what would be happening to a plant named “super atom” as it matured. So I had no idea whether this plant would even like the place I had for it, on a west-facing window-sill, or whether I would grow tired of its frumpy leaves and wish it to die.

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