Blade of the Immortal Reread: Volume 12+13

This is going to be the last Blade of the Immortal reread post for a bit. I will probably tackle the next arc eventually, but right now I’m just not in the mood for something so dark! But it’s never too late to make helpful changes, which is why this post doesn’t strictly cover one volume of Blade of the Immortal, but more or less one and a half. This covers the entire finale and ending of the Kaga arc! Spoilers follow. (Also spoilers for the entire manga’s ending!!)

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Blade of the Immortal Reread: Volume 11

Yes, it has been a while since my last Blade of the Immortal post. I have been in a general motivation slump! D: This isn’t the fault of Blade of the Immortal, though. I am actually really, really fond of this part of the manga. I mean, this volume has it all: action! romance! bromance! and a beautiful cover artwork of Perfect Human Being Taito Magatsu.

This volume includes chapters 60 to 67, but I will referene future events, so beware of spoilers for the entire series!

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Blade of the Immortal Reread: Volume 10

Apologies for the lack of updates. I got a strained muscle in my leg, which maybe doesn’t sound like it would affect my ability to write, but sitting was unpleasant, and the pain made it hard to focus on things.

So I have been spending a lot of time in the evenings lying in bed, reading Blade of the Immortal and 3×3 Eyes and feeling sorry for myself. Hilarious, of course: both of these manga are about immortal warriors who are frequently torn to shreds! and even the characters who aren’t immortal suffer a lot of injuries that are a lot worse than a silly muscle strain – and they don’t complain half as much as I do!

But of course it is normal for fictional characters to be a lot more resilient than real people. This applies to both physical and mental trauma. Even when manga, or TV shows or movies are “realistic” about these things, it is a conscious, calculated realism that doesn’t necessarily extent beyond the aspect it is focusing on. (My go-to example is Jessica Jones (Netflix) which rightfully got a lot of praise for taking Jessica’s struggle seriously, but which was also jarringly flippant towards the experiences of some of its side characters.)

This stuff is interesting to keep in mind when reading Blade of the Immortal Volume 10, which covers chapters 54 to 59. Spoilers from now on.

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Blade of the Immortal Reread: Volume 9

There is a new, longer trailer for the Blade of the Immortal live-action movie. I can’t say it impressed me much, but it was just a trailer, focused very much on action and I am trying to keep an open mind. The final movie might feel different … yeah, no, I still don’t like the make-up, hair and costuming. But what I’m curious about is the overall atmosphere and the pace of the story. Worst case scenario: it will be a swift succession of badass action scenes without room for the characters to develop and the plot to feel meaningful in any way. It’d be a shame because Blade of the Immortal has a lot of quiet moments and philosophical talk. These quieter moments give depth to the characters and make the violence that eventually occurs all the more effectively shocking. Case in point: volume 9. Spoilers follow. Also some spoilers beyond this volume!

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Blade of the Immortal Reread: Volume 8

Onwards and onwards with the Grand Blade of the Immortal Reread. Volume 8 covers chapters 41 to 47, but as usual there might be spoilers beyond that point, I’m like that. The previous post was way too much of a summary instead of a commentary, but this one will be different, I promise! :D Proceed behind the cut.

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Blade of the Immortal Reread: Volume 5

The Blade of the Immortal reread continues …

As usual, this is not a recap. There will be heavy spoilers for future events of the manga, possibly including the very ending of Blade of the Immortal. So do not read this if you don’t want to be spoilt. I am using the official German release of the manga. Volume 5 covers chapters 20 to 24, but I already talked about chapter 20 the last time…

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