Saturday Ramble

I must apologize for the lack of updates during the past week. I really wanted to blog more, I even had a bunch of ideas, but ultimately lacked the energy or motivation to sit down and write. Or even do the necessary thinking and wondering. :( I blame it on … work and the weather. Well, that sounds boring, but it’s absolutely true! No kidding: Yesterday I couldn’t find my keys in my handbag because my fingers were so cold that I had no sensation in my tips! I guess my body isn’t made for -15°C.

I watched Moana – or Vaiana, as it’s known in Europe for copyright reasons. I really liked the movie, and I’m impressed with how thematically coherent it is. Even the songs all kind of tied into the film’s themes. Just … the obvious contrast between Where You Are and How Far I’ll Go, and how  – spoilers! – at the end, these two songs (together with We Know The Way) are combined into one song and it’s just satisfying. That’s exactly how songs should be used in musicals! (And Shiny is the greatest Disney villain song, and be it just because Tamatoa doesn’t stop singing his song just because he starts kicking the heroes’ ass. It’s brilliant … no pun intended.)

I haven’t really advanced far with the videogames I’ve been playing. (I am considering the theory that this unusually cold and snowy winter is the universe trying to tell me to finish I Am Setsuna.) But even though the actual playing of videogames has been neglected, I still feel good about myself because I managed to find our old SNES console, and have started to repair the old, broken controllers – with great enthusiasm! There is something satisfying about taking things apart and putting them back together!! This is the sort of thing I should have discovered as a teenager, so that it could have set myself off into entirely different directions, on completely different career paths …! Anyway, I took apart one controller, cleaned it thoroughly, fixed the broken R key (without glueing anything to myself! That’s a first!) and put it back together.

Anyway … I still want to try and stick a three-posts-a-week schedule, so I hope I’ll manage to get over this slump, and into a rhythm.






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