Blogging plans?

A happy new year to you all! Among my New Year resolutions is the vague notion that I should be more productive and creative, which obviously concerns my blog as well. I know better than to commit to a specific posting schedule, but I do think it would be great to build some kind of … routine?

I would like to maintain some sort of balance between my different interests (videogames and manga and other stuff). This is diffcult because my attention obviously fluctuates, so I might become more obsessed with the one thing for a while, then get sucked into another thing and so forth. Still … I would like to try to have at least one videogames-related post and at least one manga-related post per week. For balance.

I’d also like to go back to my Blade of the Immortal Reread. In preparation for the live-action movie this year! I mean … who knows when I’ll get to see it, but I would like to refresh my memory of the manga before I watch the film – and there are some parts of the story that I haven’t read in a long time! I think I’ll get back to it with the goal of reading until the end of the Kaga arc.

I love blogging! The recent influx of visitors and comments has been a great source of joy to me, which is one reason why I want to become more reliable and consistent, so that this blog becomes worth visiting. :3

Perhaps the first step should be to look through all all all my blog post drafts and either finish and post them, or discard them! Because dude, sometimes I get all wrapped up in my own thoughts while writing, get confused, lose confidence or passion and just … decide to “finish it later” which, as we all know, is pure self-deception! I’ll try to do that less in the future. Heh.


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