2017: A personal geeky look ahead

Let’s just pretend 2016 is already over. What awaits us in the new year? Well, I actually mean: What awaits me in the new year? And I don’t mean any serious topic either, because that’s a whole other story … I mean hobby-wise. Fun-wise. I am a tiny little bit behind on videogames still, but my plan is to finish Dragon Quest 7 and I Am Setsuna over the holidays or at least before spring. I’ll also work on my Japanese, so nothing will stand in my way of … reading manga.

Dragon Quest XI

A lot of new information came out at Jump Festa today! The footage shown was from the PS4 version, though, and I must say that I’m not 100% sold on this one. There’s something about this particular mix of HD realism and Toriyama character design that doesn’t work for me. It reminds me of the opening video from Bravely Second – I just preferred the in-game character design, since it felt a lot warmer and  livelier. So I am tending towards the 3DS version right now. Also because, if I am entirely honest with myself, I’ve become a portable console gamer. I like playing in short sessions in bed, in-between tasks … I have simply unlearned how to sit in front of the TV playing a videogame for hours and hours. This is something I realized playing I Am Setsuna (which I still haven’t finished, go figure why). But at the same time, I WANT to play a JRPG on the big screen again, and I do kind of like the colourful, detailed world pf DQ11 from the trailers … Well, perhaps I just need to wait until they show footage from the Nintendo Switch version. Maybe this would be the best option for me. Ah, decisions.

Ever Oasis

I have not heard anything about this game since its first announcement, but I don’t need to. It’s on the 3DS, it’s cute, it has penguin owls and it is made by Koichi Ishii, hero of my teenagehood, creator of the game that got me into Japanese role-playing games in the first place (Secret of Mana).

Rurouni Kenshin: Hokkaido Hen

Yes, and then there is manga. I’ve been sporadically, at my own, slow pace and without any real pattern or rules or programme, brushing up on my Japanese, which was pitiful to begin with. I’ve decided that instead of trying to procure Jump SQ issues every month (difficult,  expensive, and let’s face it: Jump SQ is largely garbage), I’ll wait for the tankoubon. This will give me some months more to improve my Japanese skills! Of course, the only way to learn Japanese for my intended purpose, which is reading manga, is to actually read manga. So I’ll read manga. :) I just wanna have improved when I finally tackle Rurouni Kenshin, because I do want to understand it as much as possible. Kenshin was my first manga ever. Just like Secret of Mana was my first serious gaming experience. It’s funny that both Koichi Ishii and Rurouni Kenshin are going to return to me next year. I think that I should take this as a sign. This is going to be the year.



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