I dreamt that Boba Fett was Han Solo’s father … o_o

I haven’t had a Star Wars related dream in YEARS, and I’ve no idea whatsoever why I had one last night. I had a dream that Boba Fett was Han Solo’s father. To be more precise, I dreamt that some new Star Wars movie had either revealed this, or that there were strong rumours about an upcoming movie containing this twist. Anyway,  the fandom was in an uproar. People were extremely angry about this alleged retcon, and blamed JJ Abrams for not knowing anything about Star Wars. I am sure you can imagine, haha.

But in my dream, I read an article or blog post which argued that it actually made total sense for Boba Fett to be Han Solo’s secret dad. That it would actually explain a scene from the original trilogy …! The blogger went on to describe a scene – a scene that isn’t actually part of the real Return of the Jedi, mind, but in my dream, it was, so in my dream I immediately recognized it and went “Whoa, this guy is right! Mind blown!”

Basically, in my dream, Boba Fett looked at Han Solo and said something to him just before he died. Something cryptic and about nature, maybe, or the weather. Gosh, I don’t remember what it was that my brain conjured up for this! But in my dream, Han Solo got a look on his face, as if it meant something to him. But he never gave an explanation. And in my dream, this blogger suggested that it was a quote from a book that Han’s father used to read to him as a kid. And that this was the moment when Han realized that Boba Fett was his father!!! XD

So, uh, yeah. O_o I guess I am telling you this because in my dream, the explanation totally floored me … but when I woke up and remembered the real Star Wars, sans cryptic children’s book quote death speech … I was a bit disappointed! I mean, just imagine the shock, the hurt and betrayal, if Han Solo found out that Boba Fett was his father!!! And just when Fett died so there was no chance at reconciliation or asking why he had been hunting him and stuff! Come on, admit it, that would have been so cool.

Also, I find it fascinating how dreams work.


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