Let me deliver a a tiny MacGyver rant.

I am not categorically against remakes or reboots. The new Ghostbusters was great, for example. It was definitely a modern film, while the original Ghostbusters was very much an 80’s film. But the new movie preserved the core idea of the original, and understood what was so appealing and fun about the original’s premise: four friends, hunting ghosts, with self-built, crappy-looking gadgets.

But this? This MacGyver reboot that CBS has decided to release unto the world? Going by the trailer: Everything about it just feels off, as if none of the creators understood what made MacGyver different from other “special agent who solves cases”. Look, MacGyver’s whole thing was that he tinkered with stuff, found unexpected and crazy solutions to all sorts of problems. He hated guns, so he wouldn’t resort to simply shooting his enemies, but try to find some more contrived, more imaginative ways to overcome an enemy or obstacle.

Reboot!MacGyver comes with his own personal back-up sniper.


I mean, giving MacGyver a team seems unneeded anyway, but making one team member’s specialty weapons and brute force? Wouldn’t this fundamentally change MacGyver’s approach to problem-solving? Wouldn’t it essentially undermine the premise? I didn’t even spot a Swiss Army knife in that trailer.


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