Status report

Videogames: I’m having more trouble with the end boss (?) of Bravely Second than feels right. Am I missing something? D: Anyway, I plan to play Legend of Legacy next. I don’t care that it seems unpopular, it has a frog prince! And I’m in the mood.

TV: I’m behind on everything!

Manga: Does anybody know a good, and well-drawn fantasy manga series? I don’t mean “well-drawn” in the sense of “realistic”, but more like … expressive. There must be backgrounds, too. Generally a story that conveys a sense of place. What’s the point of a visual medium if you don’t make use of the ability to showcase your imagination?

Life: I ate natto! I braced myself, but it was not that bad. Must have picked a version low on odor? The taste is more subtly depressing than aggressively nasty. Mustard helps? The aftertaste is awful, though, and completely eradicates my appetite. Interesting.

Blog: I vanity-googled my blog name and it’s mostly stuff  related to Disney’s Frozen (of course), but also some, uh, recordings of ladies having certain kinds of fun. Hmmm. Not sure if this is amusing or frustrating?



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