Book talk. The Craft Cycle by Max Gladstone

This is what I get for not really keeping up with book news … I just saw (in a post from last September =_=) that the fifth book of Max Gladstone’s Craft Cycle will be about … Tara! Taraaaaaa! This is my personal best case scenario, because I loved the first novel (with Tara!) and was not as enthusiastic about the other books (without Tara), and – in case it wasn’t clear – I was kind of thinking that this might have to do with Tara.

It is a little frustrating that I didn’t like Two Serpents Rise more. The setting – Aztec-ish metropolis, noir-ish, magic made mundane – reminded me of Grim Fandango, which is always a good thing. But the pacing was odd, and slow, and the characters never seemed to come alive like the cast of the first book. I don’t want to just blame it on Caleb and say he’s booooring, because I want to like Caleb and want to care about his daddy issues … but maybe he is just too passive and slow to be a good protagonist. He takes after his father, I guess, because First Last Snow was even less engaging. It was a prequel to Two Serpents Rise that somehow managed to add nothing relevant, which was really disappointing …

Full Fathom Five was alright, though! It’s just … for me, it still didn’t come close to Three Parts Dead. That one was so dense and full of ideas and memorable characters … *happy sigh* And it kind of vaguely reminded me of Discworld in places, though I wouldn’t be able to say why. I am looking forward to the sequel.


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