Should you play Bravely Second?

Bravely Second was released in the USA yesterday, and I have seen a lot of people wonder whether they should give it a try.

The answer is YES. You should.

I have not completed the game yet, but I’ve been playing for 70+ hours and would be extremely surprised if the game suddenly started sucking NOW. Bravely Second is a great game and a proper sequel. I mean that it is not just a game set after the original, but a game that learns from the mistakes of its predecessor and improves on its ideas. I won’t spoil anything! Just know that the pacing is better, the plot stays engaging, the dungeons are more complex  and the sidequests are much more interesting.

There is a part of me that liked … that thing in Bravely Default. It was such a bold move and a unique idea. But it was not executed very well and ended up affecting the gaming experience in a negative way. However, there’s no need to avoid Bravely Second because of that. The game was clearly created with an awareness of what worked and didn’t work in Bravely Default.


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