Bravely Second: Chapter 5 reactions

I’m always terribly scared of spoiling people. Does knowing the number of chapters scount as a spoiler? If so: sorry. Anyway …!

76 hours. Everyone level 55. Spoilers!!!

Like I said the last time, I just love this use of the New Game + option! It’s so delightfully weird and unexpected!

The Kaiser proved to be almost easy, and then came the big twist: he’s actually Yew’s missing older brother! Dun dun dun! Uh, his name is … Denys. Not really a supervillain name, so it makes sense that Denys doesn’t really come across as quite that evil anymore. Clearly misguided, though. He is imprisoned, but quickly escapes again with the help of Janne and Nikolai. (Should have imprisoned them, too!) He’s genuinely touched by the sacrifices his followers are willing to make for him. But unbeknownst to him, Yew and friends make it a point NOT to kill any of their opponents anymore. This feels good! Especially since the New Game +/Bravely Second … time travel? has the result that almost everyone still remembers the original timeline. This includes main characters as well as NPCs. So the character development from the previous chapters isn’t just erased! Feels satisfying.

At this point in the game, I could do all the sidequests again, make different choices and get the missing jobs. But … I don’t want to. I am utterly satisfied with my original choices!

So instead, I plow onwards with the plot. By the time I defeat Janne and Nikolai – and Yew manages to convince them to come back to his side and help him reform the Crystalguard – I am starting to wonder just how badly things are going to crash and burn eventually! Because things are going too smoothly. It’s just a feel-good parade of harmony and love, of differences overcome, future plans made, love and friendship all around. Kamiizumi adopts Minette, Angelo and Aimee open a pancake shop, that sort of sappy amazingness. I love it??

Finally, Yew and friends face off against Denys, who reveals his actual plan to Yew: travel back in time and kill their ancestor, whose actions gave rise to a corrupt and cruel world power and caused a lot of pain and suffering. Yew takes a different stance: accept the past and work for a better future. Without, you know, destroying the world. In the end, Yew wins, Denys wants to be die, to be with his fallen comrades, but when he learns that none of them actually died …!!! Everyone is friends now, there’s food and in the end, Yew and Denys go hang out in the hot springs.

That sounds like I am making it up, but this literally happens. This is a thing that happens: protagonist and “villain” in a hot spring. And of course, at the peak of  all this perplexing harmony — the Holy Pillar appears. 

Because somehow, everyone forgot about Anne! You were off making friends with everyone and forgot the fairy who wants to destroy the moon! There’s a dramatic fight against a Baal (I nearly mess up), and in the end, it’s Denys who sacrifices himself by using the Compass to teleport himself and the Baal into a super distant future … And with a flash of light, the chapter ends!

Bravely Second keeps surprising me in various ways. This chapter was clearly the coolest and least expected, both because of how it toys with game mechanics and how it shakes the story up by making all the bad guys switch sides. Except Anne, of course.

I love that the fucked-upness of the Crystal Orthodoxy is at the centre of the game’s story. In Bravely Default, this dark backstory was something you mostly learned from optional text-dumps, but it’s definitely complex enough to be the focus of a game.

  • This chapter gave me a harmony rush … so satisfying!
  • Should I have figured out sooner that the main antagonist was Yew’s brother all along? They don’t really look alike, but the arm thing could have been a major hint, had I bothered to think about it. ;)
  • I keep trying to enter the Vampire Castle and Yulyana’s house, but I can’t yet! :( Yet.

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