Bravely Second: Chapter 4 thoughts

That was something! Let me squeeze my impressions into words … ahem. Spoilers.

65 hours played. Everyone is at level 50.

Confession time: After my last post, I hadn’t saved my progress yet and actually opted to spend a bit more time in the third chapter before storming the Skyhold. I mostly did it for the sake of gaining money and buying new, better equipment. But I also managed to track down Amaterasu, following nothing but the vague hints from Mephilia’s notes. I’m oddly proud of this. You know … As much as the location marks on the world map help save time by telling you where to go to progress with the story or start a sidequest, there’s just a special kind of joy to be had in discovering all these things on your own, or even by accident,without guidance!

The 4th chapter literally consist of this dungeon, a few bosses, and then … this truly amazing weirdness. I think that I only spent two evenings on this chapter. Last night’s session lasted MUCH too long, but I got thrown from boss battle to boss battle and then … well, I didn’t think that I could actually stop playng and sleep before I hadn’t figured out what had happened to the world, and what I must do to fix it! (It was a late night.)

I really enjoyed the dungeon design of the Skyhold. Is it just me, or are the dungeons generally much more interesting than the ones in Bravely Default?

As for the bosses.

Revenant: This is another moment where Bravely Second goes horror. Guardian is a strange job whose uses I haven’t really explored yet. But Magnolia is practically invulnerable as a Guardian, which helps because she is my primary healer. :)

Janne: Janne, you poor, angry muppet. It bugs me that Yew was nearly useless in this fight, because Janne talks as if it was a one-on-one duel between Yew and himself! XD Sorry, Janne … Yew did not kill you. Edea did. Sorry. :( That was a touching scene, though.

Anne! She … quoted the fairy from the beginning of Bravely Default, didn’t she? What why? Anyway, SHE was tough. This was my favourite boss fight so far. Good music, good visuals, good special attacks.

The things that followed Anne’s defeat and the destruction of the moon made me quite confused. In a good way? The absence of music, the absence of an orange exclamation mark on the world map, that was all kinda disconcerting. (Espcially because I was getting tired and, thus, mentally exhausted!) The desaturated colouring was also extremely effective – but strangely hard on my eyes! Well, it was late.

I talked to every NPC I could find, and took photos of some of their lines because they were either funny or sad or creepy.

My favourites atm are the goat in Eternia (“Wasn’t me that broke the Moon up there, now was it? Don’t eat nothing but paper. Mm-hmm.”), a man in Yunohana (“Gahhh! This is our punishment for making the bathhouse fly!”)  and a woman in Flroem (“Is destroying the Moon the hot new thing this year?”) I notice only now that “Moon” is capitalized!

Oh, and Sylvie scares the shit out of me.

After wandering across the dead world for a while, I eventually decided to follow the game’s prodding and use the New Game + option. This, I think, is a genuinely great use of New Game +. What amazes me is how unintuitive it is to start a “new game” before technically having finished my old one! The game literally makes you restart from the beginning as part of the story! I had a lot of trouble wrapping my head around this. XD

I also had trouble remembering how to enable Bravely Second (which I never use in battles…), so let’s just say that it took a good while of trial and error until I finally saw the “Chapter V” title card! Woohooooo!

In conclusion:

  • Anne breaks the moon.
  • Yew breaks the fourth wall.
  • The game breaks my brain.
  • In a good way!!

4 thoughts on “Bravely Second: Chapter 4 thoughts

  1. I can see you’re loving the game as much as I am! Didn’t read through your entire post for fear of spoilers, but do you want to exchange friend codes? I could use someone to abilink with! My code is 1977-0141-3894

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