Bravely Second: Chapter 3 thoughts

As usual, this will be spoilerish for the chapter, so read on at your own risk.



This chapter felt like it passed quickly, but I did not spent any less hours on this chapter than on previous ones! I guess the holidays just gave me more time to play. 53 hours at this point! I … hope I won’t end up playing over 150 hours for one goddamn playthrough, like with Bravely Default, but I’m happy I am getting my money’s worth! Especially as it’s been so fun and unpredictable.

The third chapter gets dramatic and contains some pretty good stuff.

Geist’s first appearance was awesome! And creepy. I remember being startled by his appearance in the demo, because a blood-soaked psychopath isn’t something I expect from this type of game. The actual game gives him a very strong entrance, with really good camera work and close-ups that make the scene stand out visually as well. More of that, please!

I gotta say, I find all the new towns visually stunning. The village of Sagitta is the most beautiful one yet. I loved that nightly exploration sequence, a quiet, battle-free but not boring scene, and the reveal about the identity of the gang’s mysterious helper was quite nicely done. Tiz sure gets possessed a lot. Does he even have his own soul? Can he live without sharing his body with someone else?

There were quite a few taxing battles at the end of the chapter. First against Geist, which took me forever! He kept calling for backup, probably five times overall. I felt drained afterwards, but the game urged you to hurry on, so I did, and had A SHOCKING REVEAL!!! followed by another tricky boss fight, immediately followed by a confrontation with Nikolai, who wasn’t a pushover either!

The subquests

Many of the Bravely Second subquests are so political, I feel like the game could probably tell me who I should vote for in the next elections, based on my choices! This time around, I supported co-education and gender equality, and opposed tax cuts that would require cutting government support for the poor! Oh, and I did not let a pop idol make a crappy cover song! I did have that song stuck in my head for half a day afterwards … :/

I forgot to mention this in my previous post, but … it’s totally important that Alternis keeps Edea’s hair thingy around his wrist, right? Because when you meet Alternis on Grandship, he’s not wearing it … and … yeah, you know. Don’t answer this question.

This is one game where I’m constantly having money worries! I actually like this, because it forces me to think about my purchases, instead of doing what I usually do: just blindly buy everything at the shop. It means my equipment is perpetually sub-optimal, alas! I really need to level up the Bishop job and buy the higher level spells.

Oh oh. Exorcist? SUCH a ridiculously useful job! It almost feels like cheating! *_*



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