Bravely Second: Chapter 2 thoughts

In the second chapter of Bravely Second, the game fulfils one of my stranger wishes! Spoilers.

Bravely Second‘s second chapter takes place in Eisenberg. The civil war may be over, but now the empire is causing trouble, so it’s almost as if nothing has changed at all. It’s a little weird to visit two desert-ish continents in a row. Makes me miss GRASS.

The group quickly encounters a cool new character, Yoko, who claims to be the princess of a place called Yunohana, and travelling the land in search for her brother. Yoko is fun, a perfectly spoilt princess who takes a liking to Yew in particular.

Well, OK. ;D Character called Yoko. Reddish hair with white tips. Fox ears. Uh. Pretty good odds that she isn’t just the naive princess she claims to be! This is amazing timing for me, because I read Yu Yu Hakusho not too long ago and spent a lot of time discussing fox demons with my Kurama-loving buddy. When Yoko finally dropped the act and transformed into her whiter, fluffier true form (just like Kurama!), it was very satisfying. :) But I was still surprised by just how … cruel? she turned out to be. What does she want? When will we meet again? We will see.

On the side of antagonists sent to waylay us, we have Aimee and Angelo. Aimee was the centre of a ~controversy~ before the game’s release, because in the original Japanese version, her clothes were in the vein of “sexy Native American Helloween costume” and this was wisely changed for the western release. I don’t want to go into a rant now, but I might write something about this topic at a later time. The “hawkeye” job is very useful and currently one of my favourites. Angelo definitely has the weirder job: patissier. He makes cakes! Er. Yumm? I have to admit that I’ve no immediate plans to use this job. :P

The big climax of this chapter involves some really good twists and reveals. First, the confrontation with Yoko turns tense and bam! Alternis shows up to save Edea! Turns out, neither Alternis nor Edea’s father are dead. Not that I thought they were, but it’s nice to have confirmation. It’s weird to see Alternis … I miss Ringabel. :_:

And then we learn the bad guys’ goal: to overpower the crystals through excessive prayer and open a connection to another world and WAAAAAAAAHHHH NO NO NO NOT AGAIN NOT AGAIN NOT AGAIN!!!

I’m not kidding … when I stepped into the crystal chamber, I shuddered, remembering the many, many times that I had to go through this stuff in Bravely Default.Brrrr. I respect your pain, Janne, but you should respect my trauma, too.

Poor, sweet Janne. The fight against him wasn’t terribly hard, I must admit. Did I level up too much? When he said that he’d finally gotten Yew to fight for real, and not go easy on him because of their former friendship, uhmmmmm hate to break it to you, Janne, but I totally WAS going easy on you. I even paced myself and had the stronger characters default, to allow Yew to be the one to deliver the final blow. I figured that would be more dramatic. Yew defeated Janne with a Blizzara spell that used up all of his remaining MP. It was beautiful.

Janne threw himself off a cliff into the depth beneath the crystal, but I’m not worried about him. Nikolai, on the other hand, is worried when Janne does not return from his mission. He asks the kaiser to be allowed to go look for him, but nope, sorry. That’s what you get for joining the heartless, world-destroying supervillain, Nikolai!! (Snark aside, I like that Nikolai shows a soft side. I hope it leads somewhere fun.)

Yunohana is a pretty city. I did not expect the onsen place to be A SHIP but I’m all for it! My onsen ship, yay!

Anyway, I am curious to learn more about the villains’ plans and motivations. And about Yoko. And the mysterious, unseen man who keeps giving Yew travelling tips!


The first sidequest: Do I encourage a small family to sell their home so that a trading port can be built in its place, possibly helping the wartorn land’s economy?? I admit, I was a tiny bit tempted. But it’s one thing to sell your home for the good of your nation, and another thing to sell your home to a foreign investor with a criminal past who only claims that it’s for the good of your nation! So, nope. Got the Merchant job out of it.

The second sidequest: I loved the scenario, with the cave-in and the food rationing. I was on Artemia’s side right from the beginning, so in the end, I got the Black Mage job. Cute pet dragon, though.

The third sidequest is A MURDER MYSTERY??? I loved the tiny murder mystery in Bravely Default and had been hoping against hope that Bravely Second would give me more. And it did! Sadly, the decision isn’t about finding the murder, but rather about giving “Sherlock Holmes” career advice. Of course, Holmes is renamed “Sholmes” (the same name he was given in some Arsène Lupin stories iirc) and is played for laughs. I know I laughed happily when he randomly burst out with “The murderer is among us!!!” I love that phrase, it reminds me of Kindaichi Shonen.

Anyway, I ended up telling him to join the police force and learn som proper detective work, which did not sit well with … his “Watson”, who turned out to be a master villain in disguise wtf. XD This is so hilariously random, yet perfectly made for me! Anyway, I ended up with the ninja job. Very pleased with that one! Magnolia looks cool as a ninja.

Seriously, though, Bravely Second is such a delightfully weird, eclectic game. ANYTHING might happen next! Once my 3DS has been fully recharged, that is.



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