Bravely Second: Thoughts on chapter 1

Spoilers! :) I actually finished the first chapter a week ago, but haven’t really found the time to blog about it – or even to play more. What a dumb week!

Anyway, there is a lot to talk about! The plot moves to the desert continent of Harena – the setting of the Bravely Second demo. The main objective is simple: reach the Skyhold and free Agn├Ęs. Of course, things happen to waylay the heroes, and when they do finally reach the Skyhold, they’re stopped and the thing flies off. See you next chapter, Skyhold! I mean, the proceedings are predictable enough, and I kind of expect the next chapter to follow a similar pattern. But that’s not a complaint.

It was nice seeing Kamiizumi again. All alive and stuff! Twice as nice that he helped he party by providing a flimsy little boat. Of course, Kamiizumi was then injured by a, well, a catgirl. But more importantly:


Like in Bravely Default, you can get extra jobs by doing sidequests. Defeat a character, get their job asterisk. Second adds a twist, though: Instead of just going in and fighting (often to the death) against an asterisk holder, the sidequests involve two asterisk holders quarelling over something. And you have to choose a side – thus also choosing who to beat up and which job to gain.

To be honest, I was shocked and a little bit bummed out when the game informed me that I had to choose between the Thief and the Red Mage job! D: I love both of these jobs. ;_; But I ended up making my decision more or less based on the plot, not tactical calculations about the jobs’ usefulness. Hey, I don’t want to make the poor suffer for the sake of someone else’s technological progress! And in the end, Red Mage is a very useful job to have … and I never feel bad when I beat up de Rosa. So there.

The second sidequest was worse. Because on the one hand, my decision was clear: Defeat Mephilia. On the other hand, I WANT MY SWORDMASTER JOB ;_____; IT’S ONE OF MY FAVOURITES AND TIZ DESPERATELY NEEDS A JOB THAT COMES WITH A NICE-LOOKING COSTUME ;____; But I wasn’t going to turn on Kamiizumi for no good reason, so I have to live without the Swordmaster job. :( This game is really testing my resolve.

The jobs that you get for sure, because it’s part of the main plot, are often so weird! Catmancer easily takes the cake (so far). But Astrologist is also … odd. Not a favourite, really. I have to admit, though, that Catmancer!Edea is a killing machine. :)

The Ba’al gave me trouble the first time around. But it was nothing that couldn’t be fixed by teaching everyone the ability to boost magic defence, and shop for better equipment. Overall, I’m finding the game easy. Though I am still capable of randomly dying when I play carelessly.

The emotional climax of the chapter is another confrontation with Janne. No fighting, but he explains to Yew why he was so keen on destroying the Crystalguard from within. It involves a dark chapter in the history of the Crystal Orthodoxy (there really are a lot of those, huh? Maybe it’s time they started teaching people about that stuff in schools, or something!). Yew is shocked, but still doesn’t think it’s a good excuse for killing all their friends. I tend to agree. :)


5 thoughts on “Bravely Second: Thoughts on chapter 1

    • Hehe, thank you. I don’t think I’m really “worried”, but I’m definitely trn between wanting just grabbing my favourite jobs asap and wanting to consider the little stories carefully. :) It’s nice.

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