Bravely Second: Impressions after playing the Prologue chapter

I just need to write down my thoughts, no spoilers beyond the prologue, yay. But definitely spoilers for the prologue!

I have played about five hours of Bravely Second so far. I feel like a lot of plot happened, so it startled me when the game suddenly presented me with opening credits! Well, it’s true that the prologue basically just sets things up. I only just recruited the fourth party member and gained the first four jobs … The heroes and main enemies were introduced. But still, it took me five hours of leasurely play, I traversed several dungeons and visited two cities. There were cool plot twists!

It’s funny, seeing the familiar world (and some of the characters) of Bravely Default, but with new stuff thrown in. God, how I love Edea. <3 But it looks like she spent the last two years being super-lazy. Tiz has an excuse for dropping levels, but what’s yours, Edea? I had you at level 90 or so! =P

As indicated by the demo: Apparently not every one of the characters that I senselessly murdered in the first game, well, actually stayed dead! This may not make a lot of sense (or maybe it does, who knows), but it makes me happy. One of the things I didn’t quite enjoy about Bravely Default was this feeling that I was a trophy-collecting serial killer. Murdering people to steal their clothes and jobs …

I enjoy the soundtrack a lot, a mix of familiar tracks from the first game and new stuff. I like that theme song of the Prussian Imperial soldiers! Lyrics!

I play with Japanese voice-acting and English text. I had a funny/confusing moment because of this: In the Japanese version, Magnolia injects her speech with random English phrases; in the English version, she uses French instead. So when she first appears, I suddenly HEAR English and READ French and … that confused me because I was expecting to hear Japanese and read English. O_o

Anyway, I know enough Japanese to be slightly annoyed when the translation takes some liberties. This is unavoidable, of course. Japanese is not a language you can translate into natural-sounding English without a lot of adjustments here and there. It’s my own fault for consuming the original and a translation at the same time! It’s my own fault I haven’t managed to learn Japanese yet. I could be playing this game entirely in Japanese! Using a cartridge released in Europe! This is the world we live in! (Bravely Second has English and Japanese voice-acting, and offers the text in Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Korean. That’s a wonderful thing!)

Uh, anyway. I really kinda like Yew? It’s cool to have a wannabe-scholar as lead character! His diary – in the tradition of Ringabel’s diary – is a good fit for a character who is interested in studying and learning. Yew is physically weak, which is unusual for a JRPG lead character. He’s currently my Wizard, and has fulfilled healing duties for most of my playtime so far.

I also really like his hair colour.

And he has some high-quality angst going on! My favourite kind of angst, the angst that comes from all your best friends cruelly betraying you. Liiiiiike.

I am glad I played he demo beforehand. Spending about ten hours with Yew, Janne and Nikolai made me appreciate and enjoy them as a team and as friends … It was clear that Nikolai and Janne weren’t permanent party members, so I was expecting something to happen to them. But I was mostly worried that they might get killed off. I did not expect Janne to suddenly KILL EVERYONE and (rather coldly) go after Yew. Dick move, Janne! And I did not expect Nikolai to “die”. Hah, after that scene, I thought that it would actually have been much cooler if Nikolai was a traitor, too. It’s one thing for one member of the trio to betray the others, it’s much worse and disturbing if both of Yew’s friends had beenĀ  deceiving him all along. I was pleased when another plot twist revealed that this is exactly what happened!

I’m really excited about the dynamic between Yew and his former best friends. :O Poor little Yew.

How funny, though, that after changing sides, Janne and Nikolai adopt a darker colour scheme? Evil fashion! Sucks for you, Janne, the blue suited you much better!

Speaking of fashion disasters. Tiz. Just Tiz.