Bravely Second Demo Impressions

I finished the demo for Bravely Second a comfortable six days before the full game’s release. I have thoughts, which should be obvious. :) Spoilers for the demo and for Bravely Default. I am spoiler-free for the upcoming game, and intend to stay this way! Oink oink.

  • I like the trio of Yew, Janne and Nikolai. Their personalities complement one another nicely, and it’s cool to have a playable character with a different body shape in Nikolai. Magnolia is fun, and I wonder what her deal is …
  • Gameplay-wise, the game seems to be much the same as Bravely Default. The demo was mostly easy, which meant that it didn’t take much tactical thought to defeat most of the bosses, and as a consequence, there wasn’t much of a necessity to experiment with the jobs and abilities.
  • One new feature is that when you finish a random encounter in one round, you can choose to immediately fight another battle and earn XP multiplied by an increasing factor. I expected to just ignore this gimmick, but I ended up having fun with it. I plan to try and create a really long battle chain, in the future!
  • The new jobs are interesting. Specifically the wizard skill of modifying magic spells. Useful!
  • Of ALL THE THINGS from my mental wishlist, they took this thing to heart: I can talk to the adorable pig!!!
  • I’m holding out final judgment until I see the new antagonists in their proper story context, but I’m curious about Geist in particular. COVERED IN BLOOOOOOD WTF? I didn’t expect to see a character covered in blood. Come to think of it, an antagonist with a German name, accompanied by  soldiers with helmets reminiscent of the old Prussian army, uhh… Pickelhaube (helmet with pointy thing on top, what a weird idea when you think about it!), I wonder if there’s going to be a THEME. :O
  • Also, Aimee. There was a lot of stupid whining about her costume change in gaming circles. Just deal with it. Her original clothing was pretty much the “sexy Indian” get-up. It makes perfect sense that it would be changed for a Western audience. Especially because it’s not just Aimee who dresses this way, but any playable character who uses her Job after obtaining it from her. It’s a costume.
  • Bravely Second is still using these side-view cutscenes that I wasn’t really fond of in the previous game. Oh well! :O I can accept that this is just this series’ style.
  • It took me a while to realize that this portion of the world map was, indeed, a location from the previous game! The penny dropped for me when I saw Ancheim’s windmills beneath this mysterious sandstorm. Awwww. Yes, I can be incredibly slow to realize stuff like this! :D
  • Al-Khampis was nice. And the piiiiiiiiig!

All in all, I am happy to be getting back into this world next week. :D




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