My Star Trek wish-list, I guess

I watched Galaxy Quest again yesterday, which made me want a new Star Trek series very, very badly. The good news is that Bryan Fuller will be involved in the production of the upcoming Star Trek show, so for the first time there’s a reason for cautious optimism. I’m not really sure whether Fuller and I are on th same wavelength, and if his vision of Star Trek matches mine. BUT AT LEAST HE HAS A VISION!

I mean, I trust him to do something interesting with Star Trek. I don’t really trust Alex Kurtzman, who was previously announced as a producer. Not only was he involved in the dumb Star Trek reboots, he also created Sleepy Hollow. Sleepy Hollow had a lot of potential, but completely squandered it, and I think the reason ultimately boils down to a lack of long-term plan, a lack of vision. Sleepy Hollow started off with a core cast of just four characters and couldn’t ever think of anything to do with one of them (Katrina). How could you trust the people responsible to handle a true ensemble show? There’s no way.

Anyway, I happen to have my own ideas/wishes/dreams of how to continue the Star Trek TV world.

  • Ignore the stupid reboot timeline. Return to the original timeline. Why? Because I don’t like the reboot, of course. And I wanna know what further happens to the world I do care about. But also because I think Star Trek should be about discovering new things and, you know, boldly going where no one has gone before, making contact with new species, new allies, new threats. By setting a TV show in the past in an alternative timeline, we’re practically forced to rehash old storylines, deal with old enemies and act surprised by the rediscovery of familiar things. No, thank you.
  • Set the story a good deal after the end of Star Trek: Voyager. Why? Because that way we can update the technology! A lot of future technology from the old TV shows has since become normal, everyday items. Star Trek had the PADD, we now have the iPad (and similar things). Even toddlers use iPads these days! Watching Star Trek TV shows now, it seems so silly that when someone is handing in a report, they physically walk up to the captain, hand them a PADD and go “here’s my report!” … Just … make them invent e-mails.
  • Setting the story a good bit in the future might also help make the show accessible to new viewers, without alienating old fans. Set the story a few decades after Voyager, and the characters and the political situation would be new to both newbies and to long-time trekkies. There’s no reason to reboot, or to discard the rich history of the Trek universe, if you can just as easily go forward with it.
  • Diversity, of course. J.J. Abrams played things predictably safe, thinking that if it was revolutionary in the 1960’s, it’s daring enough for today. And the sad part is, a lot of people are ready to accept a cast of five white guys, one Asian guy and one black woman as super-diverse, hooray. But real Star Trek had already surpassed that kind of tokenism. Heck, DS9 had only one human white male main character, and it felt perfectly organic.
  • I dream of a cast that is not only diverse, but that has more characters like Julian Bashir: I mean, more characters who are mixed race and whose exact ethnic origins are not immediately obvious, or even mentioned. The world we live in today already has, for example, Austrians that are black and Asian. This shouldn’t be beyond the imagination of Star Trek!
  • When it comes to sexual diversity, Star Trek has a lot of catching up to do. They never dared “go there” in the 1990’s, but LGBT characters are plentiful on TV these days, and Star Trek would lose all credibility if they chickened out on this, again, in 2017.
  • A return of absurd Star Trek civilian fashion! And a new uniform design that is not too dark, not too serious, that does not downplay the classic uniform colours red, blue and mustard yellow gold.
  • Maybe long TV openings aren’t really a thing these days, but I don’t think I could accept a Star Trek TV shows that doesn’t have a 1:30 min long opening with bombastic orchestra music, a list of the entire main cast and soothing space images.
  • Sendhil Ramamurthy. Is that too much to ask?

Did I forget anything important?


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