2016 in JRPGs

My first actual task for 2016 will be to finish Golden Sun. I am technically at the final dungeon, but there are a few djinns that I’ve missed, and I should probably really sort through my inventory and properly prepare for this … instead of just keep stumbling and fumbling through the game. As is my wont.

I have the amazing ability to just sort of … miss basic stuff in JRPGs, and only after 36 gameplay hours have I noticed that you can assign specific psynergy spells to the L and R buttons. It makes things go a lot more smoothly in dungeons!

Golden Sun is an interesting game. Insofar that it has aspects I completely enjoy, and aspects that completely frustrate me. For example, there have been many moments during this game that I just wasn’t sure where to go next. This, despite long discussions between the characters about what to do … only leaving me more at a loss.

Is that just me? Maybe it is the translation – I am playing the game in German and the translation does not really convince me.

I probably won’t proceed immediately with Golden Sun: The Lost Age after this. There are a lot of interesting games coming up: Final Fantasy Explorers on January 29 and Bravely Second on February 26.

I am slightly terrified of Bravely Second. Bravely Default was, without a doubt, the weirdest and greatest gaming experience I had in 2013/2014. I loved it but it has traumatized me. I don’t know if I’ll ever replay it. But I recently got the urge to fire it up and play it all over again (I didn’t, thank god), so it’s definitely a complicated relationship that we’re having.

The game I am most looking forward to is actually Ikenie to yuki no Setsuna. I love the look at it, because it looks like a proper JRPG. Square Enix wants me back, and I want Square Enix back, too! There is no European release date yet, but I won’t be bored in the meantime. There are so many games to play …


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