Tetris effect, Bomberman-style

I played Bomberman Tournament today. After a few moments of confusion and accidentally getting caught up in my own explosions, my brain got back into Bomberman-mode and adopted this automatic “move diagonally after placing a bomb!” routine.

When I was using my computer afterwards, and clicked a link on a website, I automatically moved the mouse diagonally away from the spot I had just clicked  to where it’s “safe”.

It was a cool new form of the Tetris Effect, one I had not experienced before. I am no stranger to the Tetris Effect. Lately since getting a Kindle I find myself pressing my finger on an unfamiliar word in a printed book, expecting a dictionary definition to pop up. Once I even tried to tip on a page in order to turn it. But the opposite also happens : I finish reading on the Kindle and suddenly believe that I need to find a bookmark! Or try to turn a page and get confused.

Why is it called Tetris Effect, anyway? Surely people’s brains got stuck on repetitive tasks long before the advent of Tetris?

Point & click adventure games have had the most fun (temporary) effect on the way I think. After long game sessions, my brain would be looking for clever “solutions” to “problems” everywhere. It’s really cool when you go from “shit, something fell in the gap between cupboard and wall” to “if I use double-sided tape and this coat hanger …” in just two seconds. Even cooler when there’s someone around to witness it. ;)

We should all play more point & click adventures to become more creative and smart! Then again, it can also affect one’s thought processes negatively. One morning, I woke up and sleepily looked around my room. I have to get up now, I thought. But how? My brain replied. Is there anything you can reach from the bed that you can use for this? It took me a few very, very strange moments to realize that I could just … get up. Just like that. Granted, I was probably still half asleep when that happened.

Anyway, Bomberman Tournament. I … sort of picked this up on a whim. If I actually play it properly, it will be the first Bomberman game I play for more than a few casual rounds. It will also be my first Pokemon game. I was not expecting that! Using bombs to destroy monsters and obstacles, yes. But training a cute electricity monster for matches against other monsters? Hmmmmmm!


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