I definitely spend more time planning my battle strategies in Bravely Default than I did in Fire Emblem: Awakening.

In FE:A, I only really had two tactics:
1. Just don’t use flyers. The bowmen will shoot them down.
2. Chrom and the MC will obliterate everything in their path!!!

In Bravely Default, I carefully select abilities and equipment before every boss battle and try out and perfect different strategies. When I looked for tips on how to beat some fight, I discovered that a lot of players have come up with different strategies, have their favourite abilities and recommendations.

That says a lot about how complex the Bravely Default’s job system is. It leaves you so many choices and possibilities that you can work out something that personally works for you. Your very own tactics, far more complex than “Well, this guy is weak to fire, so we’ll just use fire magic!”

The negative side effect to this is that you can get totally stuck at a boss fight that seems unsurmountable. But that turns out to be super easy with a different approach. I’ve noticed that I often play too aggressively, and fare much better when I concentrate on my defences with just one character attacking. Or even none attacking, thanks to the magic of counter.

Oh! Oh! And just now, I bravely defaulted. I mean, I wondered if Agnès should default in this round, or if she should cast a protective spell that it may be better to cast a round later … It was a bit of a gamble, but I was brave … and I won in the end! So yes: To win, I had to BRAVELY DEFAULT.

Pfffp! And we thought the title was silly Engrish.



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