I’m still (playing) around

I cannot believe that I’m still playing Bravely Default. I don’t find a lot of time to play and lately I’ve not played well either, so that’s two things going against me. On the other hand, I am getting my money’s worth for sure, with currently 160+ gameplay hours! Will it be 200 before I finish?

Anyway, my goal is to beat this game in time for Fantasy Life’s release … this fall. Hah. Because I want to fulfil myself a lifelong dream and become a lumberjack an alchemist.

You see, when I was just a little girl, long ago there was a manga adaptation or tie-in for the Atelier videogame series, drawn by Yoshihiko Ochi. Apparently, Ochi did several short manga based on videogames, such as Record of Lodoss War and … something about chubby race horses. Ochi has a rather unique drawing style. Very cute and … warm may be a good word? Anyway, Marie & Elie was a laid-back, cozy slice-of-life comedy set in a standard fantasy town. Nothing terribly dramatic happened, even the demons were more on the adorable side, it was fun. And Marie was inspirational. I want to be just like her: drink wine, go on random adventures, blow stuff up, drink wine.

Can you drink wine in Fantasy Life? I’d like to. Not that I deserve it yet. I have to play Bravely Default.


the slowest gamer ever.


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