Misadventures in gaming

I have been meaning to give an update on my videogame progress and plans. Well, I am still playing Bravely Default. I am obviously taking my time with this game … :( Actually, I was stuck for a bit, levelled up a lot, and was finally making real progress again when I … slipped, fell down some stairs and hurt my hand. Now I am on a forced break from pretty much all videogames that require a left thumb. Uhm. Yeah.

Other gaming plans have encountered obstacles of their own: My latest flea market conquest is Golden Sun: The Lost Age (GBA). I was not sure whether to buy it when I found it, but in retrospect, I am glad I did, also because I got it cheaper than I’ve see online. But it is a sequel! I should definitely (buy and) play the first game first, right? (I started up the game and was SO CONFUSED. I am definitely playing the first game before getting into this.)

I also decided to do something I actually have never done before, even if everyone else has: play a Pokemon game. Now, I could go the easy route and play Pokemon X or Y for the 3DS. But that did not feel right for me, personally, so I bought Pokemon Silver for the Gameboy when I came across it on the flea market.

Of course, the problem is that the battery is empty and I cannot save my game! So it was … The Very Brief Adventures of Rüdiger, Pokemon Trainer Extraordinaire. :( Where DO lost savegames go? Is there a heaven for them?

Apparently, I can – theoretically – switch out the battery in the Gameboy cartridge myself. =_= I watched Youtube tutorials and read some how-to guides, and have decided that I will look for a suitable screwdriver. Because the “melt a ballpoint pen” trick does not sound like something that would work for me, knowing myself and how such things usually go for me. I’ll tackle this issue in due time. There is no rush, because I definitely will not attempt anything tricky that I have never done before – like screwing open a Gameboy cartridge – when my left thumb is in its current state. And before I could play the hypothetical fixed Pokemon Silver, I must finish Bravely Default anyway – which I also cannot do before my thumb has recovered.

It all comes down to my thumb.


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