Bravely Default – impressions (no spoilers)

Alright! Bravely Default is great. It took me a bit to really get into it, but now it just keeps getting more and more awesome. This game really reminds me of the glory days of Final Fantasy. This isn’t awfully surprising, of course, considering that there are crystals to be saved and a great job system to be used. Final Fantasy 5 is one of my favourite FF games for a reason: once you learn a job’s skill, you can “equip” it even when you’ve switched to a different job, which results in really uniquely skilled characters. On a visual level, things are kept fresh because your heroes wear different costumes depening on their current jobs. Like I said, I loved this about FF5, and I love this about Bravely Default!

The cities are drawn in such breath-taking detail, I wish there were more ways to interact with the backdrop. It makes me want to explore the world, so there should be random little things to discover!

There are different difficulty settings. I think I selected normal difficulty, or whatever it was called. The random encounters are easy enough to handle, even in dungeons, but all the boss battles so far have been quite challenging and long, even though I spent a bit of time levelling up and breeze across the world map and through the dungeons with relative ease. That’s fantastic because it means I have to actually think and come up with tactics and work on my timing. The battle system’s “default” and “brave” options really come into play here. Any time an enemy is strong enough that the battle lasts longer than one round, obviously, you have to ask yourself whether you can afford using “brave” and leave the character passive for a while.

The music is amazing. I walk around a city and hum the background music, I walk across the world map and hope there won’t be a random encounter interrupting the nice melody. When it does, I am happy about the motivating battle theme. The boss battles are epic but light-hearted (so far?) … It’s fun!

I’m having so much fun!


3 thoughts on “Bravely Default – impressions (no spoilers)

  1. Sorry for popping up out of nowhere but I was searching WP for entries about Bravely Default and came across your blog. I’ve just started playing the game and I’m loving it, too! Like you said, it really is reminiscent of early FF days! :D I can’t stop playing!

    • Hi Umbrielle! No need to apologize, I love comments! :D But now you make me realize that I didn’t get around to playing Bravely Default at all today. The evenings are too short…

      • They most definitely are! Depressing, right?

        Well, I hope you’ll find time to play soon, though!

        It’d be awesome to share the experience with someone as none of my real friends play games.. X(

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