Too many videogames and I

I am currently experiencing a completely new gaming situation. For as long as I can remember, I’ve never actually had a surplus of videogames available to me. I’m not really the kind of player who picks up every big, hotly anticipated title and is always up to date with what’s currently big. Really, it’s always been the opposite. I’ve had one game and clung to it for weeks and for months or perhaps years. I feel very much like a gamer. Videogames, and specific titles, have been very formative for me. But it’s never been about quanitity. I don’t think I played a hundred different games in my life. I usually choose the titles I buy carefully. And during the 90’s, living in Europe meant that there was a limited amount of games to choose from to begin with.

One of the most important games in my life was Secret of Mana! I think I spent years playing that game, exploring every pixel of it. Playing it so thoroughly. Obviously, because I loved it. But also because there wasn’t anything else to play, or not much else… Secret of Evermore, Terranigma and Illusion of Time, I think, were the only other JRPGs that there were, and none of them really measured up.

But, anyway. It’s always been like this. Maybe once a year or so, there would be a game I was interested in. I’d buy it and play it thoroughly and enthusiastically. Forever. Until the next game.

Anyway, now I am faced with a challenging situation. I am still playing Fire Emblem: Awakening. I am taking my time, doing what I want. I could rush through it and perhaps have it finished in a day, but I do not want to. However, now I’ve already acquired Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies and have started playing it. Sure, I can play two games at the same time, and I guess I’m approaching FE:A‘s ending anyway, but I still feel an unwelcome pressure to “get it over with” and focus on just one game. I’m not used to having two games at the same time.  And also? In just about three weeks time, Bravely Default will be released, and I WANT TO PLAY THAT. I don’t just want to play that, I want to play that as soon as it’s released, exactly because it’s released in Europe before the USA and … I want to cherish this. I spent all my youth pining over things that USA got before Europe, or being jealous and confused and angry that they got things we did not get at all.

So, three videogames are on my mind at the moment, at the same time. I know I am making it sound like I consider this a terrible burden, but it’s actually exhilarating! And inspirational. I’d felt like I’m in a sort of creative, motivational slump for the past few months, but now, having games to play, TV shows to watch and things to anticipate, that seriously has a positive impact on me. I feel totally different.


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