Thor: The Dark World, not a review because reviews are hard.

Just some random, uncoordinated thoughts. Spoilers, or course.

  • I was (pleasantly) surprised by how much of the movie took place on Earth. I was not expecting this and had assumed that Darcy and Selvig would appear only briefly, rather than play actual roles and even contribute to the final battle in an important way.
  • That having said, the film’s structure was a bit weird, perhaps because of this. I enjoy oddly structured movies, though, because they make me lose track of a film’s length, which makes it more surprising and exciting in a way, since you don’t think “well, it’s too early in the story for X to die” or “for that problem to be solved”.
  • I did not like Avengers, especially because of the cheap way it used Loki as a generic supervillain. It went well with Avengers’ generic, twist-free plot, but was such a waste of an unhinged trickster god. Thor 2 gives Loki a full range of emotions and an entertaining role where he gets to do a lot of illusions and trick people. It does not feel like a big evil plan, just like grasping of opportunities and quick thinking to further his own goals. And that makes him look a lot more clever than he looked in Avengers, where he was basically following someone else’s plan by using yet someone else’s tactics… Yeah.
  • Frigga’s death was sad and a bit of a bummer, but her role was still bigger than it was in the first movie, and I appreciated exploring more what she meant to her sons… Thor 1 focused on Odin’s role in their lives. It’s interesting that Loki learned his illusions from Frigga. (That they are just visual illusions rather than proper shapeshifting probably means that the Sleipnir thing is not canon in this universe…)
  • I like that no one wants to involve SHIELD in these post-Avengers films. Iron Man 3, now Thor 2. I dunno, it’s funny to me.
  • I liked the Thor/Loki banter but I also think that there was almost too much of it at once.
  • Odin and Thor arguing about the best course of action was interesting. I am siding with Thor here, even if his plan was very risky, Odin’s plans would definitely have cost the lives of a lot of people in Asgard, and also very definitely killed Jane. Moving the fight to an isolated location with a chance of actually rescuing Jane? Really a good idea, come on. Whatever advantage they’d have thanks to Asgard’s defences would be rendered negligible by the disadvantage of the presence of civilians and the destruction of buildings and landscape…
  • I am so hungry, I should eat.
  • Where is Odin at the end? In prison? Asleep? Asleep in prison?
  • I don’t really want to think too hard about the final scene at the end, teasing future storylines of either Thor 3 or The Avengers, I suppose. Or even other movies. The first Thor movie ended with a similar scene that turned out to be previewing The Avengers only in the broadest strokes. All the actual details were more or less wrong, in the end. They don’t plan these things out so tightly in advance.

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