Koopa Troopa shells are gonna find me

So I caved and stepped into the future . I bought a shiny Nintendo 3DS XL. It’s funny how a few years ago, the smaller Nintendo DS Lite was an improvement over the original, but the 3DS was improved by making it bigger. I get it, of course. If you have a science-fiction-like 3D screen, why not make it big so you get the most of it? I wouldn’t have bought the XL thing if I didn’t think so. And the price difference isn’t much. It’s also very, very pretty.

The 3DS has all these shiny extras that kind of try to confuse you about its identity as a cartridge-based gaming console! There is the StreetPass Mii Plaza, for example, which is the thing I never knew I wanted. I guess it’s kind of like Pokemon with real people.

Aside from that, I’m playing Mario Kart 7. I love Mario Kart. Yesterday, I unlocked Rosalina, who is a Mario character I didn’t know … I love her enthusiasm, all her cheering and shouting in excitement or frustration … It’s infectuous and even makes losing kind of fun! Overall, I think I like this Mario Kart a lot more than Super Circuit or the DS version. It has the Koopa Troopa as a playable character again! I’m a Koopa Troopa girl, that was my preferred driver for the SNES version and I ifeel like he’s more “me” than … my own Mii. And I love the underwater sections and gliding through the air. They certainly add complexity to the race tracks.

Hmmm… So what are good Nintendo 3DS games? I have not had time to make fruitful research.


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