Sleepy Hollow is teaching us about fun.

I like Sleepy Hollow. It’s fun! I keep trying to write thig blog post and then I get distracted by Orlando Jones’s Tumblr. Perhaps I’m dreaming. It sounds like the kind of dream I sometimes have. It starts out innocent enough, if slightly unrealistic: That TV show I like gets renewed for a second season, despite only three episodes having aired! And then I find the Tumblr of Orlando Jones and he’s a total geek who talks about memes and mpreg and shipping! I should be waking up right about now, but I don’t. This is what real life is like.

Thank you for this, Sleepy Hollow.

Further, random thoughts on Sleepy Hollow:

1. The show’s cast is exceptionally diverse. Two of the four series regulars are African American, two are white. It has only been three episodes, but the recurring cast has been very varied, too. This does not feel forced but is actually a really easy way to show the contrast between Ichabod and Abbie, and how much the USA and the world have changed since the last time he was around. It stands out, especially considering that people have been trying to praise the diversity of Joss Whedon’s Agents of SHIELD, which isn’t diverse at all.

2. My favourite character is Andy Brooks (John Cho). Unenthusiastically evil Andy. I am impressed by his obvious disgust with what he is doing, his total fear of the supernatural evil forces that he is – for whatever reason – serving. Resigned to his fate, but still ready to snark. Add that kind of creepy crush he seems to have on Abbie, and he’s a character that can go into many directions.

3. There have been Highlander parallels or allusions in a fun way. Like casting Kurgan in a positive, fatherly role, only to behead him! The Highlander TV series also used the Four Horsemen for a memorable pair of episodes. As flawed as I find Highlander in retrospect, those were good episodes that I remember fondly … Although … Sleepy Hollow is all about apocalyptic demons and  Highlander‘s biggest mistake was to try and force apocalyptic demons into their universe. =_= Those are not fond memories. Maybe Highlander‘s real biggest problem was having an ill-defined, vague mythology to begin with. Any later attempt to answer the how and why could only end in stupidity and tears. See also The Source. Except don’t. Don’t ever see The Source.



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