Never leave a game unfinished.

Today, I loaded up my old Dragon Quest IV savegame. I remember attempting the final boss, but for some reason I had just … given up and forgotten about the game. I really did forget about it. I loaded up the menu and looked at my party members … Who even are these people? I do not remember meeting them. I’ve genuinely forgotten almost everything of the story, which does not usually happen to me. I remember the storylines of games that I merely read about in magazines twenty yars ago, for god’s sake. I just don’t forget stories. Did this game interest me so little?

Dragon Quest was never my franchise, I have to admit. I was introduced to the games much too late, so they simply don’t feel as personal or emotionally revelant as other games. Seiken Densetsu, Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger were the JRPGs that accompanied me for years and influenced me in whatever small or big way. I think that Secret of Mana is the most important game in my life, together with Monkey Island 2, Mario Kart and Tetris … possibly others, but these were definitely formative.

Still no reason to FORGET a game once played. Granted, it must have been over three years since I played i …. There is only solution to this: I must start the game from the very beginning, as soon as I find the motivation/time. I simply cannot continue with this current savegame. I don’t know where to go, what to do, or why. I would not enjoy it and it would not even satisfy me to beat the game.

And that is why you should never abandon games. No matter how frustrating a boss battle turns out to be!


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