Plants, plants, plants!

Is it the sunniness? The working hours? The way my laptop heats up more than I am comfortable with? Anyway, I have not been feeling inclined to squeeze a DVD into my laptop, or even to settle down and watch vloggers on Youtube. Or play a video game. I will get around to it when I trust my lappy a bit more, but until then, I will be doing more offline things.

I am a little bit towards the end of not!JKR’s crime debut. I am also a bit towards the end of Final Fantasy V Advance.

But none of that now! Houseplants! A few months ago, I bought a plant and I did it for all the wrong reasons. I did not find it nice-looking and still don’t. It looks like a vegetable, like you could pull it out of the ground and find an edible root. I bought it because its name was “philodendron super atom” and I was wondering what would be happening to a plant named “super atom” as it matured. So I had no idea whether this plant would even like the place I had for it, on a west-facing window-sill, or whether I would grow tired of its frumpy leaves and wish it to die.

The internet did not teach me much about the little thing. I learned that “Little Crunchy” was another name for this plant, which has a different ring to it than “Super Atom”, and seems a far better description. Online, people were mostly arguing over whether it was a kind of philodendron selloum/bipinnatifidum, with a lot of complaints about what a stupid name “Super Atom” was. Trying to find information regarding plant care on the internet can be so frustrating!

Anyway, the plant itself did not seem to like living at my place and kept discarding its big, scrunchy outer leaves. First they lost a bit of their deep, dark green colour, then they lost more colour. They yellowed and I usually removed them at that point. New leaves were growing in the middle, replacing the old ones, but Frumpy did not really change its overall appearance to something nicer than it had been at the shop. For a while, I neglected it, until conscience struck recently.

What was most interesting was that for long weeks, there had been a really small plant, not even a centimeter in height and perfectly dark green, growing next to Frumpy. It did not seem to grow at all during this time, but even when I did not water the plant and it was losing leaves, the baby remained unchanged. It did not whither or dry up.

Another search online wielded little new information.Some people were talking about having re-potted Super Atom quickly after buying the plant because its roots had already been bursting out of the pot. This was something I had thought about when I bought it, but had decided against because I was going to wait and see if maybe the plant actually liked that sort of thing.

I think the only thing that I am pretty certain about is that I did not water the thing enough. I took the dried up ball of roots and soil and made sure it was completely soaked in water. Radical! I think someone online suggested to keep the soil wet. Well, whoops, I definitely had not been doing that.

That was perhaps a week ago? Since then, Frumpy has unfolded another leaf (only its third, at the moment) and is already pushing the next leaf out after it. The older leaves seem fine. The baby growth has my special attention. It has actually grown a little bit!! Well, considering that it did not grow at all for several weeks, let’s say it’s grown considerably, impressively. Curiously, the new, rolled-up leaf that it is pushing out does not resemble Frumpy all that much. It seems straight and unscrunchy. What are you, Baby Frumpy?

Today, I shall have to embark on a quest to buy new soil and a bigger pot. I checked and lots of the roots have grown out of the pot, soil-free. And what’s the point of that? They’re thick and healthy-looking, though, which is cool.

This plant may not be pretty, but its mysteries keep me interested.


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