This blog’s first post is about US Fall TV shows! Exciting …

Finding the right topic for the first post of a new blog! It’s surprisingly hard, but in the end I chickened out and went with something easy: Judging upcoming TV shows by their trailers! I watched them all a few weeks ago, but now I realize that I managed to completely forget several of these shows. That’s not a sign of quality as far as the trailers of the shows themselves are concerned. But it does assure me that my brain’s self-protective measures are in place, filtering out what would just make me angry if I dwelt on it for too long.

Without further ado:

Super Fun Night (ABC):

When I first read the blurb sometime last year, I thought it sounded interesting: three nerdy female friends spend their Friday nights together having fun! Yay! It’s OK for girls to be nerdy!!! However, the trailer and some additional plot info reveals that the show is actually about how these girls were having fun the wrong way all these years. Now they must awkwardly learn to act like proper women and have the right kind of fun by going to night clubs and discos and dress up and meet guys. Shape up, losers! Reactions and reviews so far have been largely negative and the trailer looks like a mess, which means that this is probably going to crash and burn, and the fire will warm my vindictive soul.

The trailer heavily focus on Rebel Wilson, who is involved as a lead actress, co-producer as well as writer. The trailer features two scenes where her clothes tear and rip off in public. I’m sure that her presence will draw in the crowd that enjoyed Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect – but are these the kind of jokes that this crowd wants to hear? I expect strong opinions on Super Fun Night. And a lot of puns on the title: “Super Unfunny Night”, “If you want a Super Fun Night, don’t watch ABC” and as soon as the ratings are in: “Super Bad Night for Super Fun Night“. I also give it three weeks.

We Are Men (CBS)

This show is about a group of men who, for various reasons, have been dumped by their girlfriends and wives. Now they live in a holiday-resort-like “halfway house” for idiots who were dumped by their girlfriends. Going by the trailer, they spend their time there boosting each other’s self-esteem and hitting on women. It pains to see people like Kal Penn and Tony Shaloub in this – the latter playing a character with an Asian fetish … You know, it sucks to be an Asian woman on TV this fall. More about this later. I have nothing to say about We Are Men other than that it looks incredibly boring and annoying. Perhaps there are men who think they are so precious and important that everyone is interested in a show that is just about men hitting on women to nurse their ego. But they are wrong.

Trophy Wife (ABC)

Malin Akerman stars as Kate, a party girl who falls in love with an older man and becomes part of his family, which includes two ex-wives and three teenage children, all of whom aren’t too keen on her presence. You know … the premise didn’t pique my interest and made me a little bit wary. But I enjoyed the trailer a lot. The characters seem likeable enough and – I think this is the key – while many characters sexualize and belittle Kate, the trailer itself does not. It shows her as a person with more character traits than all the female “characters” of the We Are Men trailer combined!

Finally, I discovered that one of the show’s creators was Sarah Haskins. Sarah Haskins of Target Women! This could be so good. And although I did not see her in the trailer, Natalie Morales is in this! So … Trophy Wife it is. Huh!

Dads (FOX)

Judging by the number of racist jokes about Asians made in this four-minute trailer, you’d think that “racism against Asians” should be mentioned in the premise somehow. Like this: “Two young racists are faced with chaos and awkward situations when their racist dads move in with them. Brenda Song also stars as their Asian-American assistent who gets sexualized by them.” Why so unfunny? Oh, it’s by Seth MacFarlane. Moving on.

Back In The Game (ABC)

Not even Benjamin Sisko could make me understand or emotionally connect to baseball, so I’m not sure I am capable of judging this properly. But Maggie Lawson! Maggie Lawson totally deserves to be the lead of her own comedy show, so I cannot blame her for skipping out on Psych for this. She plays a young mother who decides to coach a team of misfit kids when her son doesn’t make the baseball team. James Caan plays her cranky father and Lenora Crichlow plays another mother supporting her. Lenora is another actress I am happy to see! The trailer looks cute and the buzz appear to be positive, so this will probably do well – and deserve it.

I will stop here and write more later. The heat is annoying and there is no need to rush this. Still got the whole summer until fall starts. Obviously.


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